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Be Mouth Aware! : Private Dentist Twickenham


November is Mouth Cancer Action Month1 New cases of mouth cancer in the UK have risen to a record high, increasing by 97% since 2000. Established risk factors like smoking and excessive alcohol have been joined by emerging causes like the human papillomavirus (HPV). The disease can have a devastating and lasting effect on a person's life. It can change how somebody speaks, it makes eating and drinking more difficult, and often leads to changes to a person's physical appearnace. Because of this, it also takes a heavy toll on a person's mental health too. Self checks and regular dental visits are extremely important for spotting mouth cancer in its initial stages. Mouth ulcers lasting more than 3 weeks, unexplained persistent lumps, red patches and white patches are all signs and should be checked by a dentist. For Mouth Cancer Action Month this November, make sure you know the basics. Learn how to performa quick self check (visit, know what to look for and where mouth cancer occurs. Here at The Complete Smile Twickenham we take the oral health of our patients seriously, and a screen is carried out at each dental check up appointment.

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