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Composite Bonding

  • Award finalist and highly commended dentists

  • 100’s of cosmetic bonding cases completed

  • Amazing instant cosmetic results possible

  • Safe and pain free

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Our Cosmetic Team

Maria photo.jpeg
Dr. Maria Kocisova

Cosmetic Dentist &

Facial Aesthetic Expert

Dr. Abhilash Soni

Cosmetic Dentist & Implantologist





What is it?

A cosmetic procedure where our team artistically apply a tooth - coloured composite resin to your teeth to repair broken edges and chips. It is also used to close the gaps, improve the shape, colour, symmetry and overall appearance of your smile.


  • Improves the appearance and feel of the teeth

  • No drilling or injections generally required

  • Can usually be completed in one treatment session

  • Can often be repaired

  • Cost effective

How long does it last?


The lifespan depends on how much bonding was done and your oral habits. Typically, 2-5 years. It can be repeated with no damage at all to your natural teeth.



Our experienced team can use bonding to:

  • Lengthen short teeth

  • Improve the colour of  teeth

  • Repair broken or chipped teeth

  • Improve the shape of teeth

  • Protect worn teeth

  • Closes spaces between teeth

Further information can be obtained at the following website:


M Kocis

“Great service and top level of healthcare professionals!”

F Butler

“Since changing my dentist to Abhilash Soni, I've been very happy. Abi makes you feel at ease and explains everything in an easy to understand manner. The staff are all friendly and polite. It makes going to the dentist almost enjoyable.”

G Ghica

“Friendly, professional, no fuss and clear communication with their customers. Happy to return.”

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