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Fixed Teeth in a Day

What we do best

  • Over 10000 dental implants successfully placed

  • Over 98% success rate

  • Over 5,000 sinus and bone grafts completed

  • Over 30 years of combined experience

  • Honorary hospital Implant Consultant

  • UK and International lecturer and mentor


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Our Implant Team

Dr. Abhilash Soni

Cosmetic Dentist & Implantologist

Dr. Guy McLellan

Oral Surgeon

& Implantologist



Benefits of teeth in a day:

  • Restored appearance and smile

  • Improved confidence

  • No loose teeth or dentures

  • The ability to chew food without pain or discomfort

  • The ability to taste food better

  • Improved quality of life


Our dental implant team at The Complete Smile in Twickenham understand how losing teeth or wearing dentures can effect an individual emotionally and reduce self-confidence. We therefore take great care and pride in every case we treat.

To us every smile is unique!


We have been providing “Teeth in a Day” and “All on 4” dental  implants in Twickenham and the surrounding areas including Richmond, Kingston, Hampton and St Margarets, for over 10 years.


For further information please go to the following website:


What is All on Four?

It is a fitted bridge of teeth which is fitted onto 4 or more dental implants which is all done in 1 day.

Who is suitable for this treatment?

  • Patients with loose teeth and gum disease

  • Patients who currently wear dentures or have very few teeth in their mouths

  • Patients who cant tolerate dentures

  • Patients who have lost confidence cosmetically

  • Patients who are limited by the food they can eat


What is involved?

  • Stage 1 – initial consultation with and referral for CT scan to show precisely the amount of bone available so we can plan digitally and precisely where the implants will be placed.

  • Stage 2 – impression moulds of your teeth will be taken so that a transitional  bridge can be constructed.

  • Stage 3 – Implants Placed and transitional bridge fitted

  • Stage 5 – Four – six months later final bridgework is placed


J Gladwin

“I hardly know you Guy, but feel you have done so much for me. I can honestly say I didn't feel any pain, just fantastic. A very big thank you for everything you and the team have achieved.”

C Maxwell

“I was worried that my teeth were going to fall out and had lost all confidence in my appearance. I now have fixed teeth and a smile to be proud of. Thank you so much"

K Bush

“The thought of losing my front tooth was terrifying. But its replacement with an implant looks amazing and no-one can tell. Thank you so much! ”

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