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Sinus Grafting

What we do best

  • Over 10000 dental implants successfully placed

  • Over 98% success rate

  • Over 5,000 sinus and bone grafts completed

  • Over 30 years of combined experience

  • Honorary hospital Implant Consultant

  • UK and International lecturer and mentor


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Our Implant Team

Dr. Abhilash Soni

Cosmetic Dentist & Implantologist

Dr. Guy McLellan

Oral Surgeon

& Implantologist

What is a Sinus Grafting?

Sometimes in the upper jaw and particularly in the upper molar position there is not enough bone to place a dental implant due to where the sinus is situated. This is easily rectified by a procedure called a sinus lift or sinus graft. It is an extremely common and predictable procedure to have and it gives good stability and end results.

Why do I need a Sinus graft?

When teeth are lost the sinus expands making the bone height too small for dental implants to gain good stability.

What does it involve?

A small precise window incision is made in the gum and the bone where the defect is. The sinus is then very carefully pushed gently up a few millimetres. In this space now provided it is packed with artificial bone granules (see guided bone regeneration) which is made up for a mix of calcium and phosphate which over time will be replaced by you own natural bone. The area is then stitched up and left to heal for approximately 6 months.

If the defect is a small one then it may be possible to have the implant placed at the same time as raising the sinus, we will inform you whether this is possible or not.


M Kocis

“Great service and top level of healthcare professionals!”

F Butler

“Since changing my dentist to Abhilash Soni, I've been very happy. Abi makes you feel at ease and explains everything in an easy to understand manner. The staff are all friendly and polite. It makes going to the dentist almost enjoyable.”

G Ghica

“Friendly, professional, no fuss and clear communication with their customers. Happy to return.”

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